Fairfield, Iowa, the Heart of America

Located in the center of America among rolling farmlands, Fairfield, Iowa is a peaceful place to live:

  • low crime
  • fresh air
  • a stable, growing economy with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • traditional family values
  • friendly people
  • a diverse, international population
  • rich cultural offerings
  • continuing education opportunities

Through the largest group of people practicing the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs including Yogic Flying together, Fairfield radiates an influence of peace and coherence. Scientific research has verified this influence, called the Maharishi Effect.

“I’ve lived in Fairfield for the last 19 years. My husband and I have traveled all over the world. However, we find Fairfield to be the ideal place to live.

“People here are happy and content within themselves partly due to practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. I’ve met and hosted ministers and diplomats from different countries including India, movie stars, and successful businessmen. They are amazed that such a place exists in the United States where the values of the Vedic tradition are lived on a daily basis in a very practical way.

“I love Fairfield and would encourage anyone to come and live here. Bring your business, be a student at Maharishi University of Management, or retire here. Any reason is good enough, because Fairfield is the best place to be!”
—Sooneeta Eisner

For more information on the dynamic community of Fairfield, Iowa:
Web site: www.cityoffairfieldiowa.com
Phone: 641-472-6193
E-mail: mayormalloy@fairfieldcityhall.com

“Having come from New York, I really didn't want to be away from home at first. But then a total transformation took place both inside and out in my life and I felt totally at home.”
— Seema Sahani, an award-winning graduate student of Maharishi University of Management

Fairfield is a 4—5 hour drive to Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Minneapolis.
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